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7 Common Reasons Why Men Pull Away from Women

There are a lot of reasons why men pull away from women but on this page we are going to discuss seven of the most common reasons. These reasons are listed in no particular order; it’s not a countdown or anything, just a list of some common reasons why men pull away from women.

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1. You Are Being Too Needy

Men are attracted to strong, confident women. If you seem insecure, a man will be less attracted to you. If you are too clingy or if you demand too much of his attention, it could come across as being insecure. If you need to talk to your man on the phone 10 times per day and you have to know where he is and who he is with at all times, this could certainly push a man away.

2. You Tell Him You Love Him (before He Says It to You)

This is not a problem for all men, but for some men, telling them you love them may make them feel like things are moving a little too fast and it may scare them off. Rather than bringing you closer together, telling a man you love him too soon could actually push them away.

3. You Discuss Commitment to Soon

This one is similar to number 2. If a man feels like he is being rushed into a serious commitment that he is not ready for, he will definitely pull away. Talking about things like marriage and children in general is fine and it’s necessary to discuss these types of things to know if there is a possible future with someone. However, you don’t want to make a man feel like you are pressuring him to jump into the fast lane of marriage and children. You can ask a man if he wants to get married and have children someday but don’t make him think that you want to get married and have his babies immediately or he will bolt.

4. You Try to Change Him

A lot of women will find a man and think to themselves “he is perfect, or at least he would be if I could just change this one little thing.” If you have to change a man to make him perfect, he is not perfect for you. If he does get the sense that you are trying to force him to be something he is not, he will definitely be turned off and begin to withdraw from the relationship.

All of the reasons why men pull away from women listed so far have been the woman’s fault but there are plenty of things that are out of your control. Some men pull away all on their own and it has nothing to do with you pushing them away. Here are some of the things that might be wrong with the man that will cause him to pull away from a woman.

5. He Had Sex with You – Mission Accomplished

Yes, some men are just out to score and once they have had sex with you they will move on and try to find the next woman to hook up with. It’s sad but true.

6. He’s Not Ready for Commitment

Not all men are pigs that are just looking to have sex and move on, but not all men are ready for a serious relationship either. Some men want to date casually for a while until they finally find the woman that they can’t live without. When a man says “it’s not you, it’s me” it sounds very cliché, but in some instances it really is the truth.

7. He Is Ready for Commitment; He Just Doesn’t Know It yet

A lot of men have trouble understanding and dealing with their own feelings. A man may be very much attracted to you and he may even think about what a future with you would be like but sometimes it takes a man a while to figure these things out. Sometimes a man will pull away a little bit because he needs a little space and a little time to figure things out for himself. If you allow a man the space he needs, he may figure out that he really is in love with you and then he will be ready to take the relationship to the next level.

The reasons why men pull away from women listed here are some of the most common reasons and of course there are many others. Men and women are different and the way men react to certain situations might not make any sense at all to a woman. Men and women need to learn to understand each other so that they can give each other what they need and have a healthy relationship.

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